ATLAS – Customs software of the German Customs Administration

The ATLAS process (Automatisiertes Tarif- und lokales Zoll-Abwicklungssystem) is the customs software used by the German Customs Administration for organizing your customs processing, including customs declaration and import levy notifications electronically.

Your registration data is saved centrally and can be accessed and processed by the Customs Administration at any time. This not only accelerates transportation of your goods, but also simplifies communication with other European customs administrations.

You can use the ATLAS software not only to record your

  • receipt and shipment declarations,
  • general customs declarations, and
  • presentation notifications,

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but also to view decisions and notifications from the customs authorities. To use the IT software, you must first register with the Customs Administration as an economic agent, and take other steps. Then you will be assigned an EORI number. Furthermore, certain hardware equipment and software skills such as the EDIFACT or XML format are required to send messages via ATLAS. Many companies hire specialized service providers, since audited in-house software often exceeds their own budgets. Contact our ATLAS specialists to find out what you need, and let us be your experts for customs clearance using the ATLAS process.

ATLAS Import

Imports using the ATLAS process allow you to bring non-EU goods into

  • The process for release into free circulation
  • The customs warehousing process
  • The inward processing procedure

A specific customs declaration or customs process may be required, depending on the specific part of the process. At TBN, we can help you organize your goods import and support you in using the ATLAS software. Contact our IT and customs specialists now to learn more about the forms and procedures you need, so you can act quickly and move your business forward.

ATLAS Export

If you want to export goods from the European Union, you are obligated to take part in the electronic ATLAS export process. This is required under Article 6 of the 1st EU Customs Code. The means of transportation

  • Road transport
  • Air transport
  • Sea transport or
  • Train transport

does not play a key role here. Only in specific exceptional cases (e.g. export as part of a Carnet ATA) can you avoid participating in the electronic ATLAS export process. You are obligated to register for ATLAS export to countries outside of the European Union for goods valued over 1,000 euros or weighing more than 1,000 kg. The export declaration is submitted electronically via the ATLAS software online. If you are not a permitted exporter, you will submit your declaration via the two-step normal process.

TBN Supports You with the ATLAS Customs System

At TBN, we are a logistics company certified by the customs authorities. We can support you efficiently in preparing your import and export declarations or other export documents. Our professionals will always keep you up to date, and have an excellent understanding of customs law. That means you can relax and concentrate on your primary business. Don’t fret over technical details, software errors, or collecting all your documents – instead, rely on our professional and efficient service.

If you have questions on ATLAS imports or exports or need support, contact us. Our ATLAS experts will be happy to help you! In addition, we can also handle your customs inspection to save you even more time and work. Upon request, we will also store your goods in our customs warehouses or deliver them to the nearest hub. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll be happy to create a custom-tailored, individual logistics solution for any company. Send your inquiry now!