One relatively new logistics option which is growing in popularity is transportation via rail freight: With railway transportation to China, your goods will reach their destination within 15 to 20 days at a positive price-performance ratio. Transportation time is shorter with this option in comparison to ocean freight. China’s economic importance has been growing for quite some time, and the country offers diverse opportunities as a manufacturing location for numerous German companies. With TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH, you can benefit from this interesting and profitable exchange of goods.

Your Benefits

  • Transportation costs on average 50 % less expensive than  air cargo – transit times 50 % shorter than ocean freight
  • Over 90 % less CO2 emissions
  • All common container types available: 40HQ, 40GP, 20GP, 45GP, Reefer Container, Garment Hanger Container, Open-top Container
  • „door to door” service through our own distribution network
  • Customs clearance by TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH customs declarants – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We serve the routes Zhengzhou-Europe, Zhengzhou-Kazakhstan, Zhengzhou-Russia, Zhengzhou-Japan and Zhengzhou-South Korea for both import & export traffic

Information on rail freight

Transporting your goods across the Eurasian land bridge offers enormous advantages: We can also serve Russia and Ukraine if needed. In addition, logistics via rail freight is 50 % less expensive than air cargo, and 50 % faster than ocean freight solutions. As border formalities are simplified and the railway network is expanded rapidly throughout China, we are better able to offer an especially reliable and forward-thinking solution between the countries. Access one of the world’s largest industrial regions with TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH, and guarantee an ideal logistics connection with us.

Benefits and Disadvantages of rail freight compare to pcean freight and air cargo - diagram

The following section provides some example transit times from Zhengzhou to Europe:

  • Malaszwicze: 10 ~ 13 Tage
  • Warsaw: 12 ~ 14 Tage
  • Prague: 16 ~ 18 Tage
  • Hamburg: 14 ~ 16 Tage
  • Duisburg: 16 ~ 18 Tage
  • Paris: 16 ~ 18 Tage
  • Milan: 16 ~ 18 Tage

In comparison to other types of freight, transportation via rail is an environmentally-friendly solution. The use of rail freight and container transportation reduces CO2 emissions by over 90 percent. TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH also handles preparation and follow-up tasks for the entire process, as well as customs processing. Our in-house customs declarants are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, we offer transportation for industrial products in all common container types: 40HQ, 40GP, 20GP, 45GP, Reefer Containers, Garment Hanger Containers and Open-top Containers are available for you.

Extensive information on rail transportation to and from China is available at the following link..

To Asia and back via rail freight: How the transportation process works

Customs clearance, packing, and stripping consolidated containers are just some of the extensive services offered by our company. Container block trains sent out from Duisburg four times a week headed for Chongqing, China. Hamburg and other cities are also available as points of departure for rail shipments headed towards Asia. Just send us your freight request by opening our contact form. After you have entered all of your desired data, we will get in contact with you and discuss all of the next steps in detail.

process of our rail freight service - infografic