Air Cargo

Worldwide air freight transportation.

Air freight – a fast shipping method

As the process of globalization continues around the world, speed remains a key factor in transporting goods. With air cargo, you benefit from superior speed and reliability in comparison to other types of global shipping. Of all the available shipment methods, it is the one experiencing the greatest gains and seeing the most growth. Short transportation times across long distances for high-quality or highly perishable goods are no problem with air cargo. The comprehensive logistics concept is susceptible to few disruptions, guaranteeing good reliability.

In order to calculate your freight rate, we need the following information:

  • Destination country and airport
  • Size and weight of your shipment
  • Description of goods

Your Benefits

  • Precisely organized transportation processes
  • Faster goods handling
  • High security standards
  • Ideal for goods requiring special urgency

Information on air cargo

No other transportation solution offers performance comparable to air cargo when it comes to factors like safety, speed, and reliability. Are you interested in shipping your goods and products via air cargo? TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH cooperates with major IATA agencies, which means we can offer you the infrastructure and expertise you need to use its services seamlessly. We have an extensive network of service partners, and can offer you not only transportation insurance, but also full customs clearance processing for imports and exports, as well as provide licensed customs agents to serve as tax representatives.

Air cargo allows you to access even remote areas quickly and easily. No other means of goods transportation is as fast as an airplane. Learn more about our services: We also offer adaptable freight shipment solutions and customized offers allowing you to securely transport your goods. Do you need additional services related to air cargo? Contact us; we’ve been your full-service partner and air cargo agent since 1998. We would be happy to prepare an offer for you.

How does air cargo transportation work?

When transporting goods via air cargo, it’s important to guarantee that the process runs smoothly and securely. Well-trained and experienced personnel who are familiar with the individual steps required are a key basic factor in the process. Otherwise, various issues like transportation insurance or customs clearance could quickly become obstacles. With TBN Logistik & Trade, you’ll be on the safe side when selecting logistics solutions for your goods: Send us your freight request today to receive your offer!