T1 document

A T1 document is a supporting document for non-commodity goods, or goods that are produced outside of the EU and designated for transportation into the EU. In some cases, goods may also be transported through a third party country.
The T1 document is opened by the customs authorities at the place of departure and closed during the customs clearance at the place of receipt. There may be a maximum of 8 days between opening and closing.
The T1 document must include precise information, for example on the sender and recipient, the total number of parcels, the total weight, the number of closures/seals, and the customs tariff number. The purpose of the document is to provide seamless traceability of goods from sender to recipient, , making it impossible to exchange the goods. The document is also intended to ensure that all customs are charged correctly.

TBN is your partner throughout the customs process

TBN is a competent partner by your side when you need to comply with all customs regulations. Customs declaration can be quite complicated, and have to be followed down to the letter. Trust our many years of experience in customs processes of all kinds, and don’t spend another second worrying about whether you’ve filled out your paperwork correctly. As a customs-certified logistics company, we understand every area of the business thoroughly and will be happy to help you fill out all of your documents.

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Ocean freight

The least expensive option

Ocean freight is the best solution for inexpensively transporting large quantities of non-perishable goods for sale across long distances. We guarantee that all of your goods will arrive safely at key harbors all over the world.

  • The least expensive transportation solution
  • Suitable for non-perishable goods like textiles, machines, automobiles, etc.
  • Customs clearance in import, export, and as a tax representative

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Rail freight

Top price-performance ratio

Rail freight is a new and highly economically efficient logistics solution to transport goods less expensively than via air cargo and more quickly than ocean freight. Thanks to professional customs clearance, railway container transportation is a reliable and secure logistics solution for European and Eurasian destinations.

  • Environmentally-friendly transportation solution
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Customs clearance by customs declarants from TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH

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Air cargo

The fastest option

Air cargo is an optimal choice for transporting goods to even the most remote locations all over the world in just a short time. Rely on rapid cargo handling, high safety standards, and a precise process, and benefit from our service partner network.

  • Remote destinations available
  • The best solution for perishable goods
  • Customs clearance in import, export, and as a tax representative

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