Hamburg Warehouse Near the Harbor

Rent Warehouse for Distribution Concerns

Use our Hamburg warehouse for your distribution. The hub for your logistics. Our warehouse is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week if necessary. If we cannot handle your inquiry ourselves, we will look for a solution through our partner network.

Different Types of Warehouses to Meet Your Needs

High-bay Warehouses

High-bay warehouses are between 12 and 50 meters tall. Goods are managed fully electronically with optimal storage space usage.

Block Storage Warehouses

In block storage warehouses, goods are stacked systematically without auxiliary materials or stored beside one another in blocks.


  • Optimal use of warehouse space, especially in warehouses like ours
  • Efficient logistics
  • Low warehousing costs when space is used to capacity.


High-bay warehouses are more expensive to acquire. They cannot be converted quickly. Because of this, we can only pass on good prices at a high level of space utilization.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Quick and easy access
  • Low maintenance


  • Only suitable for same types of goods
  • Packaging must be highly stable

Customs Warehouse Close to the Hamburg Harbor

The TBN Group is considered a highly reliable and trustworthy company by the customs authorities. As an authorized economic operator (AEO), we provide our customers with better marginal conditions for customs clearance.

What’s behind our unique status? Globalization has made the supply chain more and more volatile, which has led the World Customs Organization (WCO) to improve framework conditions for modern and effective risk management in customs management. The Institution of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) has been created based on the Framework of Standard to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (SAFE), which is recognized in the EU and around the world (agreements have been concluded with Switzerland, Japan, and China, negotiations are currently ongoing with Canada. It has been issued in 3 variations without time limitation:

  • AEO C: relates to simplifications in customs law
  • AEO S: relates to safety aspects in the international supply chain
  • AEO F or AEO C/S: Combination of variations above

For our customers using TBN as a customs partner, this means more security through an ensured international supply chain and a more efficient customs handling process.

We Manage a Private Type C Customs Warehouses

over 2500m²

Fire Protection

Theft Protection

Hamburg Harbor

Just 5% of all customs warehouses are publicly owned. TBN is a private provider with a type C customs warehouse. This means that stored goods may only be accessed with the participation of the respective customs agency.

In other words: TBN guarantees your stored goods will be monitored by the customs office, significantly reducing required security services. In contrast to type C, alternative warehouse types D and E are not under joint customs control by a private customs warehouse.

Additional Services for Warehouse Lease

Comprehensive warehouse management is another important part of storage. If you want to stock goods more than once, simply make a note before you click on Send. Our other services include:

  • Picking, packing, display fitting
  • Labeling, printing shipping and accompanying documents
  • Neutralization (original data from export country removed if legally permitted)
  • Packaging, repackaging, measuring, weighing, & quality inspections
  • Recycling/disposal of packaging materials

Customers are interested in our warehouse as a…

Picking Warehouse

Have a problem with supplier deadlines and goods not on standby? Not anymore with logistics from TBN. We know that efficient work processes and a picking warehouse with modern equipment, embedded in a logistics network are the key to seamless logistics. It’s what we work for every day!

Customs Warehouse

Customs warehouses make it possible to store goods in transit in the EU customs area without paying customs. For goods intended for sale in the EU customs area, import duties are only charged after the inventory is completed, or after goods are transferred to other suspensive procedures.

Transshipment Warehouse

Of course, we can handle much more than customs! For example, we can help you with quick intermediate storage for your goods. We can store your goods in blocks or in high-bay warehouses depending on your needs. Your stored goods are kept safe thanks to modern warehouse equipment.

Distribution Warehouse

We offer a delivery warehouse at alternative conditions. Whether you need a regional central distribution warehouse or a gate to Asia through eastern Europe and Russia to China or Japan – TBN is your reliable logistics partner.