Customs Inspections

A Key Component of Customs Clearance

A customs inspection is an official measure carried out by the customs office, and is an important part of freight transport. Specific reasons for a customs inspection may include doubts regarding the customs declaration, monitoring, or suspicion of smuggling or trademark violations.

During a customs inspection, your goods are inspected by customs, or more specifically by a clearance officer, to check their quantity, properties, or value. Either samples (partial inspection) or the entire inventory of goods (full inspection) may be reviewed during the inspection. In addition, you may need to unpack a certain selection of goods, sometimes resulting in damage to the goods themselves.

During a Customs Inspection, you are subject to a …

Duty to tolerate

You are required to tolerate the removal of samples or specimens by the custom agency. This does not entitle you to any claims for damages.

Duty of Presentation

You must ensure that your goods are delivered to the customs inspection location and unpacked on site. The customs agency will not accept any costs or responsibility for this delivery.

Duty of Information and Notification

You must be able to submit all required information and documentation to the customs agency upon request.

Customs Inspections – How to Prepare

  1. In advance: You must prepare for the customs inspection in advance. Prepare your inventory in an easy to manage way, and ensure that all required documents such as contracts, transportation documents, or payment documents are available.
  2. During: During the customs inspection you will need to unpack and then repack goods. You will be under enormous time pressure, as you will only be allowed to continue shipping your goods once you have obtained the customs findings.
  3. After: The customs findings are provided after the customs inspection is completed. The findings are stated on the customs declaration and digitally in the ATLAS process
  4. Done with your customs inspection? Get ready for the next one! A customs inspection might be finished quickly, or might drag on. Learn from your mistakes and write them down after the customs inspection so you can have your goods through more quickly next time and optimize the process.

We can Handle Customs Cnspections for You

A customs inspection can take a huge amount of time and work. Packing and unpacking goods puts many companies under time pressure, which can often cause something to go wrong or goods to become damaged. If you work with TBN, we can save you all this stress – our expert knowledge and years of experience allow us to act quickly, carefully, and cautiously.

We can help you prepare for and follow up on your inspections, optimizing your customs clearance process so you can relax and concentrate on your primary business. Meanwhile, TBN will ensure your logistics chain doesn’t experience any unnecessary delays during customs inspections or customs processes.

Upon request, we can handle loading and unloading your goods and containers for your customs inspection. TBN will then professionally repackage your goods and reliably seal your container. Of course, we are also happy to handle follow-up work and help you optimize the customs inspection process.

If necessary, we can also store your goods in our customs warehouse, deliver them to the closest logistical hub, or send them directly to their final destination. Your containers will be stored securely with us. We handle your goods professionally and carefully. Short reaction times and low, easy to understand costs are just some of the benefits offered with customs inspections handled by TBN.

Your Request is Our Challenge!

TBN Logistik & Trade has been active since 1998 in the field of transport & logistics. As a worldwide transport company, we specialize in transport solutions, warehousing and distribution, customs, security and insurance of your goods. Use our know-how for your success!

Our Services – Your Benefits

  • Short reaction time for container pick-ups
  • Containers remain in our custody
  • Moderate transfer costs & storage fees
  • Costs for loading & unloading based on meters unloaded
  • Costs for customs inspection are easy to understand and plan
  • Fast customs inspection after request
  • Goods do not need to be on hand directly at the door
  • No waiting times for truck or chassis at the customs office
  • Goods are provided to customs in a well-organized and easy to handle state

FCL- & LCL-Containers


TBN has been working in logistics and freight forwarding for many years. We specialize in goods transportation within Europe, as well as in China and Eastern Europe. We offer an international network of partners.

We can find the right, custom-tailored transportation solution for you – whether by air, sea, or land. If needed, we are also happy to handle customs inspections for LCL shipments. Our professional team will prepare cargo shipments from the consolidated containers after unloading.

Our employees can be available to customs agents during the inspection if necessary. Then LCL shipments will be professionally repackaged and shipped if necessary, or stored securely in our first-class warehouses. Don’t hesitate to contact us with inquiries, even on short notice – we’ll work with you to find the right solution for your needs!


TBN can handle required customs inspections for FCL containers for you. Upon request, our personnel will prepare your goods and open packaging for customs agents as required.

Then they will professionally seal your FCL container. Depending on your needs, your FCL container can be stored easily and securely in our warehouse for the short or long term, or prepared for further shipping.

Customs inspections of FCL containers on site at TBN have advantages for you, such as fast reaction times, low costs, and professional and safe handling of your goods. If you have any questions, please contact TBN directly – we’re happy to develop a custom solution concept for you!