Export to Russia

One to Two Departures a Week

Transports Russia: All shipments destined for export to Russia through our warehouse in Hamburg will be weighed , measured and full addressing and mark . In addition, all accompanying documents and customs documents are assessed for accuracy and completeness . In the case of dangerous goods, the shipping documentation and the ADR packaging are also monitored by our dangerous goods officer.

If discrepancies are found, solutions will be sought on site with all the parties involved so as not to unnecessarily delay transport to Russia. Neutralization, repacking or marking work will now be implemented to customer specifications.

TBN – Your Logistics Expert for Transports from Russia

After approval has been granted, the export starts to Russia. All goods are loaded via collective truck from Hamburg to Moscow. Documents required for the Russian customs clearance will be digitized and forwarded to our Russian colleagues prior to departure. Thus, after arrival at the Russian customs terminal a fast clearance is guaranteed.

Forwarding and Russia expert TBN Logistik routes the trucks over Poland and our headquarters in Riga to Moscow. Shipments destined to the Russian hinterland will be reloaded in Moscow and transported from there. Currently we can offer Russia transports with 1-2 departures per week in groupage traffic.