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Destinations TBN logistic & trade GmbhTBN Logistik & Trade GmbH is a global company with economic relationships to over 40 countries. We deliver goods to shipment destinations both in Europe and in the rest of the world, and can offer you an extensive network of forwarding routes.

We serve shipment destinations all over the world

Our comprehensive portfolio of services extends to cover an international transportation network, managed from our central hub in Hamburg. We enjoy taking on your logistics challenges, and can handle transportation for your goods by ocean freight, air cargo, land-based, and railway transport. As a specialist for international transportation solutions, close contact to our international trade partners is extremely important to us. This contact allows us to offer you efficient solutions and concepts in your daily goods shipment process.

TBN shipment destinations in Europe

Do you need to transport your goods from point A to point B within Europe? Then TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH is your optimal contact. We serve shipment destinations in over 25 countries across Europe. Thanks to a close network of key international trading partners, we are represented in every major European city. This means we can offer you a broad scope of services with industry-specific market knowledge and cooperations. We would be happy to advise you on transportation, import & export, customs issues, and stock turnover in the following countries:

Albania Andorra Belgium
Bulgaria Denmark Germany
France Greece Great Britain
Ireland Iceland Italy
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malta
Morocco Macedonia The Netherlands
Norway Austria Portugal
San Marino Sweden Switzerland
Spain Tunisia Turkey

TBN shipment destinations in Asia

Asia, especially Japan and China, continue to grow in importance in freight transportation and goods management. The annual revenues generated by export goods sent from Germany to China alone amounts to over 85 billion euros. At TBN, we have the expertise, the business relationships, and the experience in import and export you need in dealing with China, Japan, & other Asian nations.

Benefit from our industry-specific contacts and connections, and choose a professional trading partner who can provide you with competent support in your freight shipping and goods transportation needs. Utilize the potential the Asian market holds, and allow us to prepare a non-binding offer for you.

TBN freight shipment destinations in the United States

The USA is one of the most powerful countries in the world. The USA always stays one step ahead in economic matters as well. Use this potential to your advantage and ship your goods to a land of unlimited possibilities. At TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH, we will be happy to help you organize and implement your freight shipment, and will handle both your logistics processes and all the forms and papers you need. We will ensure your goods reach their destinations safe and secure, so you can concentrate fully on your customer and business relationships.

The TBN Group organizes your freight transportation to Russia and Ukraine

Freight transportation to Russia or Ukraine can cost a good amount of time, effort, and stress. At TBN, we can help you organize and implement transportation for your goods to Russia. We will take care of all the documents and papers you need, and review them to ensure they are complete. In general, goods are exported to Russia in consolidated trucks which are transshipped in Moscow if necessary. Thanks to digitized documents, handling at the Russian or Ukranian customs terminal is fast and convenient, guaranteeing your goods are shipped out to your customers on time.


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Since 1998 TBN Logistik & Trade is involved in Transporting ang Logistics business. As an worldwide acting forwarder we are specialists for transport solutions, warehousing and distribution, customs, security and insurance of your goods. Use our Know-how for your success! Request a quote!