Ocean Freight

International goods transportation.

Importing and exporting cargo by shipping lines

Although the ocean is becoming less and less present in our collective consciousness, countless things we use every day are shipped via ocean freight. Successful international goods transportation requires a thoughtful logistics distribution network and transportation routes perfectly organized and coordinated to meet customer needs. Even today, ocean freight remains a trusted and established method of transportation. In addition, logistics handling through water routes is by far the least expensive transportation solution for shipping any type of goods.

Your Benefits

  • TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH has been arranging ocean transportation since 1998
  • LCL and FCL service at over 450 international harbors: Learn what this means here
  • Door to Door Service
  • L/C (letter of credit) conforming documents provided
  • “All in” pricing without hidden costs
  • Transportation insurance
  • Customs clearance in import, export, and as a tax representative. Read about an example of import clearance in Hamburg to find out how customs clearance works
  • Storage and handling solutions from a single source: Discover the possibilities of container transportation

Information on Ocean Freight

Do you have scheduling agreements that demand on-time delivery? Are you looking for an especially inexpensive type of logistics for large sales volumes? We cooperate with renowned NVOCC carriers for merchandise logistics related to ocean freight, allowing us to serve key harbors all over the world. This lets us offer you one of the best ranges of global logistics solution on the market. Benefit from this especially inexpensive alternative to traditional shipping via truck or cargo plane, and access the world with us.

If your goods are not highly perishable, ocean freight transportation is an excellent choice. Whether you need to ship textiles, machines, automobiles, electronics, or many other products: Low costs and the ability to send goods over long distances via ocean freight make this choice the best solution. With good scheduling, ocean freight is just as reliable as other types of freight transportation, offering the best cost-benefit ratio. Despite relatively long transportation times, all of your goods can reach their destinations without delivery problems.

From Ocean Freight Request to Your Customers: How Transportation over Sea Routes Works

Would you like to have your goods delivered via ocean freight? Simply send us your request using the contact form, or get in touch with us via telephone or e-mail. We will be able to book your cargo space within 24 hours and start the shipping process. We can clarify the specifications for your shipment and any availability issues. At the end of the main leg of their journey, your goods will arrive at their target destination and will be professionally unloaded.

Our company will handle any customs clearance required. We can also provide a comprehensive selection of value-added services upon request. Afterward, your goods will be delivered to a central warehouse and then to your customers. That means you’ll be on the safe side if you transport your goods with TNB Logistik & Trade GmbH.