Customs service – As a customs agency, we offer all-around service

As a customs agency, we know that customs processing can be complex, and can involve a huge number of formalities and legal regulations. At TBN, we can support you in your customs import and export processes, and handle all of your organizational concerns as part of our customs service, from customs declarations and customs inspections to follow-up work and process optimization. We have been working in the transportation and logistics field since 1998, and we base our work on long-term experience, expertise, and know-how.

We specialize in warehousing, customs, merchandise insurance, and smart transportation solutions. TBN is just the right partner for your customs processing needs. Trust our tact and knowledge, and contact our friendly customer service department now for a non-binding custom offer.

Our customs services at a glance

TBN is a strong and reliable partner for your customs clearance, since our customs service can handle a large number of processes, partial areas, and full procedures for you. The following section provides an overview of our services as a customs agency, so you can contact us about exactly the services you need. We offer custom-tailored solution concepts based on our broad range of experience and our diverse contacts. Contact our experts now to receive your custom, detailed solution concept for your customs import or export.


  • Preparing export documents
  • (Export declaration) at all German customs agencies
  • Preparation of EUR1, ATR, T2L and INF3
  • Handling for outward processing
  • Obtaining certificates of origin
  • Intrastat notifications for goods transportation within the EU

3 reasons to choose TBN as your customs service agency

  1. Security: Customs clearance and customs declarations take a lot of work, and can pose a wide range of hazards. With TBN as your partner, you’ll have the security of knowing these processes will run smoothly, trusting in our many years of experience and familiar routines. As a customs declarant, we know which regulations to follow and which documents to submit.
  2. Economic capacity: Seamless customs processing takes a lot of time, precision, and work – the kind of work you might not be able to handle in addition to your everyday business. Leave this work, and all of the legal regulations and formalities that go along with it, to our capable hands and don’t waste anymore of your economic capacity. This will allow you to avoid lost revenues and ensure you don’t interrupt or slow down your operations.
  3. No complications: A customs inspection, a customs declaration, or a customs clearance process can involve lots of specialized regulations, and lots of places to slip up. Don’t spend any more time worrying about them – at TBN, we guarantee that with our help your customs process will run with no complications. No matter what kinds of obstacles, difficulties, or barriers you’re facing, we will handle them with ease and ensure your customs import or export process runs smoothly.

Your request is our challenge!

TBN Logistik & Trade has been working in the fields of transportation & logistics since 1998. As a global transportation company, we are specialists in transportation solutions, warehousing and distribution, customs duties, and security & insurance for your goods. Use our expertise to boost your success!

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Your request is our challenge!

Since 1998 TBN Logistik & Trade is involved in Transporting ang Logistics business. As an worldwide acting forwarder we are specialists for transport solutions, warehousing and distribution, customs, security and insurance of your goods. Use our Know-how for your success! Request a quote!