Customs declaration

Information on key customs law provisions and documents

Information on key customs law provisions and documents

Once you’ve successfully received your customs declaration, you are entitled to transfer your goods through a customs procedure. Customs declarations are generally submitted electronically. They may also be submitted in writing, orally, or through an action in exceptional cases. Furthermore, the law differentiates between

  • a standard customs declaration and
  • a simplified customs declaration

Declarations are submitted electronically through the ATLAS IT process, and must include specific data elements based on the uniform data set. Written applications, in contrast, must be filled out using the so-called Single Administrative Document. As of 01/01/2021, all customs declarations must be submitted electronically in accordance with the EU Customs Code.

You can submit your customs declaration to your responsible customs office during business hours. The office will decide whether to accept or reject the declaration. Reasons for rejection include:

  • Incomplete information
  • Conditions not met
  • Customs office not responsible for the application
  • Existing prohibitions and restrictions on trade

Submitting customs declarations can be a complex process – We can help!

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Customs declarations pose major difficulties to many companies. They have to understand the unique technical features of the ATLAS process and provide all the required information and documents. There’s also a lot to think about in relation to the joint submission process for the T1 document and the Single Administrative Document. If documents are missing or specific fields aren’t filled out, your customs declaration might be rejected or simply not accepted. This will result in a delay in your customs clearance process and your logistics chain.

Don’t run this kind of risk – hire us to process your customs declaration. We can help you collect all the documents you need, and we’ll be happy to fill out the Single Administrative Document or uniform data set for you. Concentrate on your daily business, and leave your customs declaration to our capable hands. This will help ensure you don’t experience delays in your logistics planning, and your customers and business partners will receive their goods on time. We are also happy to handle customs inspections for you, so you won’t experience any delays in this area either. At TBN, we’re professionals in customs clearance and customs processes. As an international logistics company, we know exactly what counts in global goods transportation. Give us a call, and rest easy knowing your customs declaration is in good hands.

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TBN Logistik & Trade has been working in the fields of transportation & logistics since 1998. As a global transportation company, we are specialists in transportation solutions, warehousing and distribution, customs duties, and security & insurance for your goods. Use our expertise to boost your success!

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Your request is our challenge!

Since 1998 TBN Logistik & Trade is involved in Transporting ang Logistics business. As an worldwide acting forwarder we are specialists for transport solutions, warehousing and distribution, customs, security and insurance of your goods. Use our Know-how for your success! Request a quote!