Cargo shipping – reach new horizons on multiple routes

Your Full Service Agency in Hamburg arranges cargo transportation by ship at sea level or other individual solutions.

Our promise for Cargo shipping

Low costs

Cargo shipping by ocean freight is the least expensive transportation option.

Longterm experience

Since 1998 we have been arranging cargo shipping including storage and handling solutions.

Global network

With our international networking contacts we are your versed expert for cargo shipping.

Customs service

As a certified customs agency we provide detailed support for your customs declaration.

TBN – Longterm experience in cargo shipping

Cargo shipping: Since 1998 TBN Logistik & Trade offers customized solutions for various kinds of logistic request. With a huge spectrum of cargo related options and international distribution network contacts in more than 40 countries worldwide, we are specialized in all aspects connected to well organized long-distance transportation for different types of goods.

On different routes we carry your freight to the most important ports around the globe cost-effective and CO2-minimized by ocean ship as well as by air freight or container train.

With an available range of specific containers for each demand, your shipment of any amount, volume, weight or consistency will be safely delivered to its destination in Asia, Russia, USA or within the EU.

Being a Full Service Agency, our expert team headquartered in Hamburg will guide you through the process of finding the perfect individual solution for your cargo shipping demand and take care of all important details occurring along the way, like storage, packaging, labelling, possible inspections, customs clearance and other Value-Added-Services.

In order to guarantee a timely reliable and formally correct mission accomplishment, we coordinate all necessary steps professionally and provide complete transparency throughout the whole shipment transaction.

For successful and safe transportation fulfillment you can rely on TBN always striving for excellence and being up to date on all topics. Whatever your cargo shipping challenge contains: do not hesitate to get in contact, place your request and get a customized non-binding offer.

Cargo shipping: Therefore with TBN

Your challenge is our mission!
  • LCL and FCL service at over 450 international ports.
  • Our service contains customs clearance in import / export as a tax representative
  • Complete door-to-door-service including storage and handling solutions from a single source.
  • Complete door-to-door-service including storage and handling solutions from a single source.

Runtime example for cargo shipping via sea routes

Container Types


Full Container Load (FCL) containers are containers that are packed by a loader and unpacked directly to the recipient. The entire container load is to be assigned to a consignor, so that the delivery can not be put together and thus carried out in one go. This increases the economic productivity and the turnover times are reduced.


LCL container (Less than Container Load) is the name given to goods containers that transport several goods from different senders. For this, the container must be packed or unpacked directly at the port. Benefit from our know-how and our commitment and leave the packaging as well as the delivery of your goods to our capable hands.

20′ Container Standard

20' General Purpose Container

Interior dimensions (LxWxH) – 5,89 x 2,35 x 2,39 m

Door aperture (WxH) – 2,34 x 2,29 m

Max. payload – 30.480 kg

Empty weight – 2.250 kg

Max. additional load – 28.230 kg

Volume – 33,2 m³

40′ Container Standard

40' General Purpose Container

Interior dimensions (LxWxH) – 12,03 x 2,35 x 2,39 m

Door aperture (WxH) – 2,34 x 2,29 m

Max. payload – 30.480 kg

Empty weight – 3.780 kg

Max. additional load -26.700 kg

Volume – 67,7 m³

Cargo shipping

Working with customers from various industrial branches, TBN Group is acquainted with the specific cargo shipment needs for every possible freight. According to capacity and value or product-related restrictions (e.g. chemicals, flamable or corrosive items) it is indispensable to know exactly about the existing options and especially be firm with the relevant actual laws, which can differ from one country to another.

Due to our well established global network, we are particularly well positioned to solve any possible occurring challenge in full compliance with your requirements.

Thus given, we are continuously focused to keep track of all elements in the supply chain, implement new custom-made concepts based on smart planning, analysis of existing structures, continuous process controlling and optimization in order to make TBN your reliable partner for your cargo shipping request.

Your customized solution for cargo shipping

Cargo shipping via ocean freight

Ocean freight is the best solution for inexpensively transporting non-perishable goods to high volumes and over long distances.

We guarantee that every commodity reaches the most important ports of the world safely.

  • The least expensive transportation solution for your cargo shipping
  • Suitable for non-perishable goods like textiles, machines, automobiles, etc.
  • Customs clearance in import, export, and as a tax representative

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