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TBN Group provides customized logistics for your shipping from China to Germany!

Our promise concerning shipping China to Germany

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Our company always strives to schedule the most efficient supply chain for your shipment from China to Germany.


Since 1998 we have been specialized in multiple options of transportation from China to Germany.


With our international networking contacts we are your versed expert for shipping from China to Germany.


As a certified customs agency we provide detailed support for your customs declaration.

TBN – reliable shipping China to Germany

Shipping China to Germany: Over the course of the last years the economic relations of China and Germany have manifested with considerable increasing tendency.

In 2019 China has been the most important trading partner to Germany for the 4th time in a row. Companies in both countries are highly interested in the marketing-oriented exchange of produced goods or resources with a bilateral trading volume of more than 200 billion € per year by now.

The greatest amount of all imports to Germany comes from China with a value of 109.7 billion € just in the shipping direction from China to Germany, which is 3.4 % more in comparison to 2018.

As part of our excellent full service arrangements you can trust our expert team at TBN Logistik & Trade to keep track of all necessities and ship your goods from China to Germany safe and hitchless according to highest standards.

Amongst all aspects within the shipping process, one important concern is focused on trade-related protection of intellectual property rights and completeness of all required shipping documents (e.g. commercial invoice, certificate of origin, bill of lading, letter of credit and other specific forms).

Furthermore, we are always informed about calender-related aspects with possible effect on shipping rates due to peak seasons in both countries (e.g. traditional holidays and fests) in order to find the most economic conditions and recommend to consider these as far as possible.

Shipping China to Germany: Therefore with TBN

We offer comprehensive forwarding service!
  • Multiple transportation options with Value-Added-Services available.
  • Our experts are longterm experienced with country-specific requirements.
  • AEO-certified agency with international network.
  • We gladly assist you to find the optimal solution for your shipping from China to Germany.

Transport options for shipping from China to Germany in comparison

Forwarding-preferences can differ according to the priority of timing, budget and other facts.
Whether you search for time-saving delivery via air cargo or money-saving services via ocean freight or an intermediate solution via freight train, with TBN you surely come to a proper decision.

Efficient delivery via rail freight

Out of all existing transportation options for your shipping from China to Germany, rail freight via container train is the choice with the most efficient relation of timesaving transit and affordable fees.

Depending on different points of origin and destination, delivery in about 16 days is manageable, which means 10 – 20 days less in comparism to ocean freight and still significantly cheaper than air cargo.

TBN has several train hubs in China and Germany and also offers complete door to door service.

Train Hubs in China

  • Chongqing
  • Wuhan
  • Xian
  • Zhengzhou

Train Hubs in Germany

  • Duisburg (Germany)
  • Hamburg (Germany)
  • Munich (Germany

Import Clearance

With the status of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), we perform the associated tasks for you in import clearance for your shipment from China to Germany, for example in Hamburg / Germany. As a rule, the transfer takes place in a customs procedure, which is done by means of ATLAS (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Settlement System) and its subsystems. Common customs procedures are the customs transit, customs warehousing and processing operations and the release for free circulation (customs clearance). This involves the procurement of transhipment, storage or removal – depending on the design of the forwarding order.

Shipping China to Germany

In relation to time schedulde, quantity and / or quality, TBN always strives for the best possible solution. While huge amounts of non perishable goods can be shipped inexpensively and environment-friendly by ocean freight, there are also timesafing options by air cargo or efficient rail freight to remote destinations.

Together with our partner in Hongkong and longterm cooperation partners located in Shanghai, Shenzen and all common ports in China, we hold a competent network to meet all the needs most effective for your shipping from China to Germany or opposite direction.

As our headquarter in Hamburg is located in proximity to Hamburg container terminal, we practically benefit from close cooperations with ships and port handling companies. Close by we also manage a private type “C” customs warehouse with over 2.500 m² storage space, being considered a highly reliable and trustworthy company by the customs authorities.

Shipping China to Germany with multiple options

Shipping China to Germany via rail freight

The container train is a new and economically very effective logistics solution to transport goods more cheaply than airfreight and faster than ocean freight. Thanks to professional customs clearance, container transport is a reliable and secure logistics solution.

  • Environmentally-friendly transportation solution for your shipping from China to Germany
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Customs clearance by customs declarants from TBN Logistik & Trade GmbH

Rail freight